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Our Pug Puppies for sale in South Carolina and North Carolina

Pug Puppies SC is a subsidiary site of Carolina to help people find a great pug puppy for sale in South Carolina and North Carolina.  We have a knack for finding only the very best pug bloodlines by very thorough research and evaluation of pug markings, previous health history, past ancestry, and many other factors in order to pick only the best possible pugs.  To us, every dog in the world serves a purpose and is special, but we are meticulous when it comes to going by AKC and show standards in order to produce only the greatest within the breeds potential.


You may ask why?  To us the Pug is the best dog on the planet, and believing that way... how cool would it be to have the one of the VERY best looking representation of the coolest dogs?  We love them all even if they aren't show quality!  If you are looking to breed our line there is an additional charge of $1000.  We cater mainly to families and try to help you find a awesome pug puppy.  Carolina is here to help you while you are in search of you new family addition! Since we only have a couple litters per year, we don't have many to sell.

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puppies for sale in south carolina and north carolina
Our Male "Chewbacca"
SC pug puppies for sale at carolinapugs

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